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Cheat Point Blank (PB) POINT_BLACK.V4 (UPDATE) Fix January 23, 2011

Cheat Point Blank (PB) POINT_BLACK.V4 (UPDATE) Fix January 23, 2011 by

Product Name: POINT BLACK.V4
Released: NEW
Creator: = xKRESSx = [ME]
Supported Version: PB Indo (Hack Supported)
Greetz to:
[*] Dark Byte
[*] Hrd
[*] RCD
[*] ERGe
[*] Hero
[*] Slovac
[*] All Member N3, N2, US-Net, Snuzt, & CHEAT ENGINE FORUM

Archive Type: RAR
Included files: = xKRESSx = [PB]. Exe
                    = XKRESSx = [PB]. Etc.
Target Game: PointBlank
Anti-Cheat: AhnLab HackShield
Tested: WIN XP SP2 / 3
[/ /] ADD [/ /]
[*] ON INSERT = Minimize
[*] HOME = Minimize OFF
[*] NUMPAD1 = PAUSE (Enemy) Special DM
[*] NUMPAD2 = PLAY (Enemy) Special DM
[*] DELETE = Spion ONLY
[*] F11 = Ghosh MODE ON
[*] F12 = Ghosh MODE OFF

[*] F1 = AIMODE SG Special ON BM [BETA]
[*] F2 = OFF SG Special AIMODE BM [BETA]

Additional note:
o Please Co. & Pas but do not forget the name of the author and source postnya!
o In the Rename DLL do not!  DEH PEELISS ...??

How to use:
o Minimize
   -Press Hotkey "Insert [ON] while in the Room / PB.
   -Press Hotkey "Delete [OFF] Black Screen When to go back to the PB.
   -How to use almost the same with the Enemy FREZER ..., there is only little difference ..,
    Please In Try?
   Activate Hotkeynya-In Room.
   Special Make-Only DM ..., for BM please aja On Try it yourself.
o mirror ONLY
   -All is already in the know .... he ... he .. he .. he.?
o Ghosh MODE
   - Create Room (Special RM)
   - Play Room
   - Beyond use as usual?
   - To use RM No. ....., not recommended if you want to try to please In
     because it can cause the Exit Room.
o AIMODE SG [Special BM] Just Create one 1 Round.
   -Because it is still BETA / Testing ...., please understandable if Exit game .. wkwkwk.
   -Use Only Make a Round., If At Beyond Dijamain use DC / Exit Game.
   Special Room SG-BM (Bombing Mission) Not recommended definition of DM (Death Macht).
   Already a distinguished-Search Room Play (Be sure to reply ROOM OPTION No Bombs and Secondary)
   -If Udah In Lobby enable Hotkey F1
   -Select Weapons Used covetous ....  In your inventory.
   -Then Play (Do not Change Arms at the time in the Room.)
   -If it's Play / Main disable Hotkey F2.
   -Once Again Uses Only Make a ROUND .....?? Let gk to Show Off?

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