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Cheat Point Blank (PB) Hacked PigyBinz

F1: on ws F6: Freeze to Rm - Killer to Client Machine
F2: Off ws F11: Hack exp Card, Ensign, and Medal
Insert: alt tab on F12: Hack Master Medal
Delete: Off alt tab Up: always On map Hack and
Down: to normally

How to Use

1.  wall shoot
On the prior play games right now and Off Loading
2.  Alt tab
Press the Insert and Delete after return (Caution: do not be a long long time)
3.  Freeze and Killer Machine
into Rm, On the estimate will change rounde (in-game bomb mission).  Because it would be normal if there is a join and turnover Rounde
Being a client, On after joining in the battle (in a deathmatch game, eliminate) and use the Map hack as well.  then to spawn enemies and
be a killing machine Dalan seconds!
4.  On my current map hack in the lobby (always on)
If you bored with normal map hack it back!


Credit Greet n Thanks

== USN_MOnkie a.k.a USN_PedofiL For DLL
== Us ™-X-Caro For Image
== for RPE

Credit OUsNOPigyBinzO (pighansfri-bintangazhari)

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