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Cheat Ninja Saga (NS) How to quickly get Token

Cheat Ninja Saga (NS) How to quickly get Token Update January 19, 2011 by

1.  Log in to fb
2.  Go to HERE
3.  Click conect With up
4.  Allow
5.  Then click Play to win free every SR Coins
6.  If the card which we guess is true then we will
SR Coins get ..., we will be 5x ksempatan brmain.  If Wherever we 5x hrus mnunggu 4 hours for brmain lg
6.  To convert to SR Coins TOKEN-click menu on the right side of Spend
7.  Well from here we must add the game Ninja saga
8.  Click Manage Favorite Way
9.  Select All, Find Ninja saga & Add Or you can click on My Favorite
10.  After the NS in the add entry in Spend more
* Here's a distinguished list of SR coin can be exchanged with
100 = 8 Token (s)
200 = 15 Token (s)
500 = 37 Token (s)
1.000 = 73 Token (s)
5.000 = 364 Token (s)
20.000 = 1.453 Token (s)

After that, Click Redeem
Sign in to Char you
after that token you will grow in accordance with which you redeem

Note: 1X = 10 Coins can win more friends
Suggestion: pass else rich leg down so select the most

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