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Cheat Ninja Saga (NS) Instant Mission Upgrade EXP

Hack Cheat Ninja Saga NS January 29, 2011 Instant Mission Upgrade Exp.  Are you found of Ninjas and action packed flash games involving chakra, ninja skills, genjutsu, taijutsu and other stuff like the Naruto anime?  Well, then you Might be playing or you Might Want playing Ninja Saga from up or other "social media networking sites.  Aside from Mafia Wars, I loved playing this game Also the which I first found Pls I saw someone from the office That Is playing it During Their free time.
Cheat Ninja Saga (NS) Instant Mission Upgrade EXP Fix January 29, 2011 by

This is the reason why I searched for cool tricks, cheats and tips earnest That help me with my current level up Ninja character.


     * GKselfish.rar
     * Fiddler

Steps For Instant Mission:

     * Download the required files
     * Extract the downloaded files
     * Drag it to fiddler (auto responder)
     * Clear Cache
     * Refresh Ninja Saga
     * Go to Kage room

* Missions That Have 10k EXP can do again and again if your character
is lvl60 i do not know what lvl It would not error but you can do mission
lvl 39 in Class B again and again ..
Enjoy ...

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