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Cheat Point Blank (PB) Chety@2.6 January 11, 2011

How To Use
Map Hack
`On my time in the lobby (always on) search his room a distinguished name Heroin | Usnet then play it
when new press play Off If I'm bored with normal map hack it back
(not also going to have Off DC / Bt) ... As usual

`Wall shoot
Login Press Room Home - Play - Loading Map Press End .....

`Cheat Gods
In the past when new maphack then play directly into the enemy respawn press F4 to Active ...
Ntar silent enemy and kill as much ..... lo
Kill Shot ... shot headshot .... .....

`How to Hack Char
~ Entrance Room
~ Play
~ Press F1>> when loading Map
Main New ~ no writing is preparing press F3 Game

`How Can Masmed
~ Buy Mission
Mission Complete ~ P
~ After your Open Mission
~ Press F6
~ Just click the card P to the O to I Sampak K
~ Close Mission
~ Press F11
~ Play
~ After Completed Games Medal Masmter Check you ....
a definite increase
(Tutor Thanks For ferry)
`How Can Exp Card Similar to Masmed Just need to use your brain a little ...

Home: WAS on
End: WS-off
Insert: Minimize ON
Delete: Minimize OFF
F12: Title Hack
F4: Ice
F6: Hack Mission Complete
F7: reset mission
F9: Map hack ON
F10: Map Hack OFF
Numlock: Mask Egg
NUM 0: White Mask
NUM 1: Black Mask
NUM 2: Russian Blue Mask
NUM 3: Kotiki Mask
NUM 4: Desert Mask
NUM 5: Flame Mask
NUM 6: Dual Color Mask
NUM 7: Iron Mask
NUM 8: Target Mask
NUM 9: Pumpkin Mask
sign (-): Jewel Pink Mask
PageUp: Gold Mask
Mark (/): Skull Mask
PageDown: Jean Pierrot Mask
F1: Headgear Black Beret (Reload all wepen)
F2: Character Robots
F3: Reset Character Spion

Created :
Thanks Inspiration:
Ferry Adanya
(Thanks For Dll)

Download : Original or Mirror

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