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Christmas Gift Ninja Saga



  1. Play Ninja Saga
  2. Open Cheat Engine
  3. Open Process list, Select “plugin-container.exe” (firefox) or select 3rd or 4th “chrome.exe” (google chrome) 
  4. Enter Santa Claus’s Quest
  5. Go back CE
  6. Enable Speedhack and set speed to "0.0" then click “Apply”
  7. Click “Ask Friends” (The number of times you click = the number of request you want to send)
  8. Go back to CE and set speedhack to 0.5 then click “Apply” 
  9. Select your dummy account on the Pop up friend list and click “Send Request”
  10. Now open your dummy account and accept all requests! 
Credits: Th3-!ncredible

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