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Cheat LS Lost Saga 2 Nopember 2012

Update New !!Double Cheat Simple Auto ON 1 Hit, Fast Delay, HP Recover,Fast SKill Efect,Unlimited Buster Etc Special LostSaga Korea Work ALL OS Just Lostsaga Korea

Download injector  Download injector 

Feature :

-Fast Delay
-No Drop
-Unlimited Bullet
-Freeze Undead
-Unlimited Token Emas
-Unlimited Token Perunggu
-Medic Fill
-Hp Recovery
-Cadet Crusade
-Radius Ice Gak Kemana Mana
-Unlimited Buster
-Fast Lari Kencang Relic
-Fast Delay relic
-Fast Skill
-Cadet Crusade
-Anti Banned

Hotkey's = AUTO ON

How to use :

  • Open LS
  • Open Cheat
  • Start LS
  • Play Enjoy

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