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Cheat All In Shop | Ninja Saga

credits: GDK



-All TP Mission Instant: 40 TP per Day
-Auto Kill all Bosses
-Instant Complete Daily Task
-Instant Chunin Exams
-Instant Jounin Exams
-Instant Specail Jounin Exams

Special Features:
-Recruit NPCs [free]
-Emblem+2000 Tokens
-All Achievements Complete
-Claim Ice Village Set
-Claim Tenson Omi Korin

Other Features [temporary]
-HP Hack
-CP Hack
-Critical Hack
-Damage Hack
-Agility & Dodge Hack

1. Open fiddler
2. Goto autoresponder tab & tick:
i) enable autoresponse
ii) unmatched requests passthrough
3. Drag all swf files in fiddler
4. Click clear cache in fiddler
5. Now clear your browser's cache:

For Special Jounin

-Open Ninja Saga
-Now goto
-Shop to enjoy all the features of all in shop hack
-Talent Shop for Specail Jounin Exams

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