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ATM Exp And Gold Ninja Saga | Mei

Malam gan. .Kali ini Posting ATM Exp Gold NS Mei

This Cheat is  Work 100% ,, Coba aja  bro.,,
And Not Banned When u   use this  hack | HOT HOT HOT
Now,, I will reShare This Hot Hack,,
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Tools  :
  • Fiddler
  • SWF :
  1. Indowebster
How to use  :


How to  use ;
1  Open Fiddler
2. Drag files to the fiddler
3. Clear Chace
4. Sign Headquarter
5. Enter this code 63978DCB04
6. Please Choose a cheat where you want to use

Existing AT Feature this cheat:

Here you will gain EXP, you enter in column Exp
Exp 1 = 1 million,
Exp 2 = 2 million,
3 = 3 million Exp, etc.
In the delay you can change it to speed up the process, but should not be changed so that no error will occur.

2. Level ATM
increase the level of your place, so do not count the number of exp
you need to climb to the next level. Here delay is also
can be changed (but should not be changed).

3. Auto Mission
If You Have Difficult In A Mission
Put The Code Of The Mission

3. Gold ATM
You Can Get 100k+ Gold
thnx   to HC & FPS

Thanks to HC and  FPS


*Sekedar Memberitahu bahwa ATM XP dan GOLD masih ada

Happy Cheating

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