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Cheat Pet Kabocha Samurai + Info Skill | Ninja Saga

Info Skill:

  1. Kabocha Juumonji - Quick dash toward to taget and attack
  2. Kabocha Kiri - Insert Chakra into his samurai sword and throw it to enemy.
  3. Kabocha Kaiten Kiri - Jump Behind the target and perform a critical attack
  4. Kabocha Ikari - Using his anger to burn target into dust, target HP will be bernt down by 5% in each turn. (4 turns).
  5. Kinjutsu: Kabocha Hedda -Kinjutsu: Focus all the Pumkin Power into his head and headbutt all the enemies
  6. Kinjutsu: Kabocha Issen - Focus the Pumkin Power on a slash, after perform increase pet's attack damage by 100% and critical chance by 25% (Side Effect: take extra damage by 20% - 4 turns).

Saya baru dapat info dari sebuah forum luar negri ada cheat pet kabocha.. langsung aja ya gan.

1. Open Facebook
2. Enter Ninja Saga
3. Open Charles
4. In Ninja Saga, enter Pet Shop
5. Click on pet you want to buy, but don't click buy yet !!
6. Now, go to Charles and find
7. Left click on it and choose Breakpoints
8. Back to Ninja Saga and click BUY.
9. Edit request window on Charles should appear.
10. Back to Charles, on Edit Request Window find AMF.
11. Modify the Pet ID and Pet Name (The Pet ID is on [1] String and The Pet -Name is on [2] String)
12. Change the Pet ID and Pet Name with data below:

Here is Hacked Pet ID :
SWF Name : pumpkin_2
ID : 66
Pet Name : Kabocha Samurai

13. Then click Execute

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